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Functional Testing

This testing validates the software system against the functional requirements/specifications.

Using Functional testing, we verify that each part of a software product performs as it is originally thought. Based on product specifications and particularities, we test software of different types and sizes, including enterprise programs, eCommerce solutions. We develop a detailed test plan with comprehensive use cases, therefore, ensuring correct responses of input forms, database connections, and product’s behavior.

functional testing

Security Testing

Every user wants their software to be not only well-functioning but also safe. Crashes, viruses, data breaches and leaks are the main issues that security testing aims to eliminate. To make sure your website is ready for hacking attacks, spying software, sensitive user information, and other related potential issues — all layers of your eStore have to be thoroughly analyzed.

Our QA engineers will check how sound confidentiality, availability, authorization, integrity, and authentication processes are carried out. Any “cracks” on any layer may lead to distressing consequences, and this is the reason why numerous businesses, especially banking/financial software have to be checked and nicely protected.

security testing

Browser Compatibility

This testing type guarantees that your program will have perfect compatibility over different computing environments and hardware. In this case, our testers check a whole system and detect its weak points (functional failure, usability issues, risks associated with the poor design, etc) to develop a roadmap for effective product customization and improvement.

Oakleaf Infoway experts analyze code for its seamless running under all popular and rare operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, and devices, making a product more accessible to a wider public. We also help to prevent serious business dangers associated with the incorrect program’s operation and then assist companies in successful bug fixing, strengthening their favorable positions on the market. Our testers work closely with the development department, thereby performing optimal methods for the successful compatibility testing implementation.

browser compatibility

Performance Testing

Performance testing is applied during the development process to define whether your software works as intended. This type of testing is complicated and consists of several series of checks to ensure high speed, stability, and scalability of an application. Load, stress, endurance, spike testing, configuration, and isolation testing all are consistent parts of software performance QA. Completing this type of testing, our QA engineer can identify the key subprocesses in software that need to be improved before it goes to the market.

performance testing

Usability Testing

Oakleaf Infoway team has experienced QA engineers and we are keen on flawless results of any testing type. We provide manual testing services for almost two decades, and level-up our skills, adding automated testing service at your hand. Our customer-obsessed approach is the core of our trustworthy collaboration with numerous international clients from different industries. We believe in transparency of development and testing processes, in cost-effective services, and rapid delivery.

usability testing

Regression Testing

Applying proven manual testing tools, we document all the detected bugs and potential system crashes and then provide clients with accurate data and recommendations. Consequently, a program will be preserved from both development and business problems, saving time, money, and organization resources. We aid companies to take advantage of that process, turning them into prominent business benefits.

regression testing

Automation Testing

Automated software testing provides the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations.

Automation helps to optimize the development workflow, significantly reducing your Time-to-Market. Automated testing is consistent and covers much more software functions than manual testing. Yet, test automation is a cost-efficient solution for small and middle-sized projects, which usually have tight deadlines and resources.

Automated and manual types of testing combined — result in the most accurate test outcome, which is crucial for complex projects. Our team of award-winning testing engineers will help you choose the kind of testing that fits best for your project, and will totally engage in the testing process to achieve supreme delivery.

automation testing



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